April 3, 2022 (Girls 13-14, Age 13)

I made it back to Augusta and took 3rd place overall by taking 3rd in Chipping and 2nd in Putting.  More importantly, my Dad was very happy that we were able to see the practice round.

We walked the entire 18 holes and I even got a picture with two of my favorite college players whom I follow on Instagram.

What a beautiful course.  Hopefully one day I will get to play in the ANWA!

Tom Watson presenting me the overall 3rd place trophy

Final Leaderboard

After missing the first drive, had to take a little off of the second one!

18 fairway

David Ford - University of North Carolina

Amanda Sambach - University of Virginia

Hole 11

Hole 12

Hole 13

I pray that I will get to play these holes one day - Amen

April 2, 2017 (Girls 7-9, Age 8)




That's me up front!

Regional Final at Medinah

Yeo, that's me in the middle at Medinah, standing on a crate and still shorter than the other two competitors at the RegionaI Finals at Medinah Country Club.  Augusta was so much fun.  I knew most of my competitors as we were "veterans" of US Kids and IMG Junior World Golf Tournaments.

The competitors and their families get into the Monday practice round for free and my Dad was very excited.  Unfortunately, when we were on the second hole and the storm broke out, they came over the speaker and told everyone to evacuate the course as it was going to lightning most of the day.  My Dad immediately turned to me and grabbed me playfully by the shoulders and said, "You gotta make it back next year!"  I did make it back.  I took 3rd overall in 2022 as a 13 year-old in the Girls 13-14 Division and we got to walk the entire practice round!