"I have coached for over 30 years and Lisa is one of the easiest athletes to coach.  She is hardworking, goal-oriented, understands process over results and is a team player.  Lisa works diligently every day to master the basics and fundamentals.  This allows her to play her best every day and win tournaments, but she understands that golfers don't play well every time.  Instead of beating herself up over a poor performance she uses adversity to motivate herself to practice harder.

Lisa understands that we have a plan for improvement and that if she sticks with that plan she will achieve her desired results.  Lisa comes out to Cog Hill with a purpose; she knows what she wants to accomplish each day and is focused on her process with each shot.

When Lisa played on Cog Hill's PGA Jr League National Championship Team, she was a great leader and teammate. She was always encouraging to her teammates and produced solid performances under pressure.  Lisa is a true leader and I am proud to be her coach."

Coach Kevin (Weeks) has been my coach since I was 8 years-old.  Kevin is known nationally for his junior golf development.  Kevin uses his 3D research to teach his students the total game and his love of statistics to help them understand course management based on what decisions professional golfers make when competing.  Kevin's peers often use his knowledge of the GEARS 3D system and his Putting Lab when they need Kevin to consult with one of their students.

In May (2022) I attempted my first US Women's Open Qualifier at Stonebridge CC in Aurora, IL.  I was one month shy of 14 years-old and the youngest in the field of 37, which included pros and D1 college golfers.  I had 28 putts in both rounds and got up and down from ridiculous rough to finish 71-75 (+3) from 6309 yards to win Low Amateur Medalist.  I owe a lot of that to the hard work I have done with Coach Kevin and I am very glad to have him in my corner.

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"After 50 years as a PGA Professional, both playing and working on the PGA tour and later coaching D1 college golf, I’m now paying it forward with an eye towards developing young golfers.  I am so impressed with Lisa as a young lady; extremely talented, tremendously motivated and a most passionate young player.

Lisa has the ability to communicate well and turn instruction into scoring.  She's a gifted and skilled athlete.  It's a pleasure to tutor her in tandem with my old friend, Kevin Weeks, while she's wintering in Florida."

I met Coach Larry (Watson) at LPGA International when I played in with him on the practice holes.  At the end of the third hole Larry asked me who my coach was.  When I said Kevin Weeks at Cog Hill, he laughed and said Kevin had started out with him at Grand Cypress years ago.  They played and practiced together and I guess you could say that he is the Coach's coach!  Later that day when we got back from the course, Kevin emailed my Dad.  In the email he said Larry was the best and a good player whom he met at the 1989 Southern Am and they've been great friends ever since.   He said Larry  really understands how to practice and what the great ones have done.

Larry and I practice together a few times each week in the winter and I have a lot of fun playing with him.  He helps me around the greens and with situational strategy.  He is one of the kindest, most generous, and most positive people I've ever met.  He mentors me and works with me on "the five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between my ears" (Bobby Jones).

I am very fortunate to practice and play with Larry during the winter months and to have someone who is on the same page with Kevin.

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