Junior Clinic at LPGA International

During the winter in Daytona Beach I help out Coach Brianne Murphy twice a week with the junior programs she teaches.  We have a good time and I find it fun to try to grow the game.  When I am helping someone try to learn a new skill, it has a side benefit that it also makes me remember and focus on how I felt when trying to master a new skill as well.  So if you want to help yourself, helping others is a great place to start!

Woodridge Public Library

My favorite non-golf activity is immersing myself in a book.  I simply love to read.  If I didn't have school or golf, I would probably just read all day long.  You can see a tiny sampling of the books I have read on my Reading List.

I love writing too, though admittedly most of my writing is for my school work at least for now.  In fact, something I really like about my school is that there is a premium placed on writing in classes other than English.  AP World History required an enormous amount of writing and the same will continue with AP US History and AP Language, which is effectively AP English.

Since I do not have much free time, I found an opportunity to write Teen Book Reviews for the Woodridge Public Library.  Although they are short and take only about an hour each, it makes me focus on how to get a lot of information across in a short amount of time and with fewer words.  It takes work to create a hook and summarize the plot without inadvertently including a spoiler.  If you are going to critique the book, you need to do it with respect.  If you like the book, you need to share specifics about why.  Writing book reviews is a great way to practice writing in general.