I am from Naperville, Illinois and I began hitting plastic clubs around the house at age 3 and real clubs at age 4 at the local golf dome.  I started formal lessons in 2014 at age 5 1/2 and six months later began competing in US Kids Local Tour events.  I played my first US Kids World Championship the following summer of 2015, finishing 14th in Girls 7 & Under In 2016 I competed in my second IMG Junior World Championships in Girls 7-8 , also finishing 14th.

Education is highly important to me and I take pride in my academic achievements and love to learn.  When I was in 6th grade I asked my parents if I could go to Florida in the winter to train, because I wanted to pursue a dream of playing on the LPGA.

So I started in the 7th grade at Laurel Springs, an online school that gives me the flexibility I need.  I am also in National Honor Society.

Besides golf, I used to ice skate, play piano, play tennis, and took voice lessons and have sung in front of large audiences.  But because I knew time was my most precious commodity, I gave those up so I could focus on golf, my education, and reading.  I read all the time. I am never not reading.  I am sometimes in the middle of 2 to 3 books at a time.  I might have one or two I keep in the car and one or two on my desk.  You can find some of the books on my Reading List hereI read many different genres such as historical fiction and psychological thrillers to name a couple.

I've had five aces.  The first four were in practice rounds with the 2nd and 3rd ones on back-to-back days at different courses.  The 5th one was in competition at the AJGA Junior All-Star Championship.